Door Step Delivery of Services by Delhi Government : Is it Revolutionary?

Door Step Delivery of Services by Delhi Government : Is it Revolutionary?

Door Step Delivery of Services: Is it Revolutionary?

I am sure most of us know how painful it is to get work done from Government office like Ration Card, Driving License, Income Certificate, Water Connection, Electricity connection, etc. Doorstep delivery of services is going to change that experience at least in Delhi for now.

As per existing model all we have to go to Government Office, stand in queues and submit required documents for particular service and have to follow up rigorously as in many cases there is no particular time period given for finishing the task.

Drawbacks  of the current system 

  • One needs to visit the Govt. Office for any service so it needs your  precious time and money
  • Stand in a queue for hours
  • It breeds Dalal-middlemen and corruption culture in offices
  • In a way, it encourages exploitation of marginal and illiterate sections of society

What is Door Step Delivery of the Services by Delhi Govt?

This concept is a brainchild of Gopal Mohan, Technical advisor to the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. As per this concept resident of Delhi can call on telephone helpline 1076 and request for an appointment. Mobile Sahayak will come down and collect your document as per citizens convenience. Delhi Govt is charging nominal Rs.50 for each service that you would like to avail. As of now, 40 services are started and 60 more services will be added soon. Delhi as territory is divided into 11 districts and each district will have specified number of  ‘Mobile Sahayaks’ as per the requirement. Internally there are approximately seven different departments like Transport Department, Revenue Department, etc involved to offer their services through this initiative.  It has a predefined time limit for each service so after that time required service will be sent by Post service to residents.

As per Govt figures around 25 lakh people in Delhi have to visit different Govt offices per year for different services. If we calculate the number of man-hours spent on this give us the idea how important and great this would be.

Advantages of this Door Step Delivery System

  • Save your time and money to visit  Government office
  • No more standing in a queue
  • It eliminates middlemen and reduces corruption
  • Reduced rush on the road to some extent
  • It also has a provision of time-bound delivery of mentioned service

As per reports, some 21,000  calls were made on the first day of the launch. And 2700 were attended by executives.

There is call back facility is also available in case call not gets attended may be because of high traffic on a helpline.

Delhi Government claims this is a legendary step in Governance not just in India but across the globe. Delhi Government also has similar plans of starting Home delivery of Ration as it is said to be a den of corruption and hurting most vulnerable section of society.

Aam Adami Party govt in Delhi was fighting for this Door Delivery of Service bill to be passed by Delhi Govt LG and was stuck with LG for more than 3 years. After SC verdict and getting clarity over an area of approvals required by LG.

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